Statistical analysis question (solved)

For many years the top-selling luxury car in North America was the Cadillac. It reigned from 1950 to 1998. In 2000, it sank to sixth, behind Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. Cadillac’s sales during 2000 were half that of 1978, Cadillac’s peak year.
The problem is that Cadillac appeals mainly to older males. Younger people seeking luxury car shop elsewhere. Although Cadillac made $700 million in 2000, if the company does not pick up sales among younger shoppers, profits will go the way of fins.
To put Cadillac back on top, it is necessary to understand who is buying. A survey of luxury car buyers was undertaken. Information was gathered from random samples of recent buyers of the luxury cars.

Column Luxury Car
2 Cadillac
3 Lexus
4 Lincoln
5 Mercedes-Benz

In the data set columns 1-5 list the ages of the owners of the five luxury cars, columns 6-10 show their household incomes, and columns 11-15 store their years of education. (Source: Company reports and Newsweek magazine, May 28, 2001)

  1. Use graphical and/or numerical techniques to describe the ages, household incomes, and education of the five groups of car buyers.
  2. Write a brief report describing your findings.

Report Instructions

  • Make sure that your report contains an introduction where you will summarize in your own words the case and your objective.
  • Describe your methodology: how will you answer the research question?
  • Use Excel and Data Analysis to solve the case and include the Excel output in your report.
  • Carefully describe every graph, table and numerical measure you will use to get information from the datasets.
  • Use your statistical analysis to make decisions. What did you learn from your analysis? What decisions can be made based on your analysis?
  • Summarize your findings in a conclusion.
  • Make sure your report is well structured, well presented and written in good English.
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