Steps to Prepare for an Interview (Sample)

Steps to Prepare for the Interview with an Instructional Technology professional

  • Contact an Instructional Technology professional

o   Choose an Instructional Technology professional. Choose someone with a job you are interested in doing, or one that is complimentary to your own field. Examples include, but are not limited to: technology coordinators in your school/school district, online course developers in a higher education, instructional designers in a company, human resource development officers, usability testers, or performance technologists.
o   Respectfully ask whether the professional would be willing to be interviewed, well in advance of the proposed interview date.
o   Describe the purpose of the interview. The main purpose is to understand an IT professional’s main job responsibilities, his/her perspective on new trends in the field, and your future in the field

  • Select a time and the place for the interview that works well for both of you.

o   The interview may be conducted by a single and/or multiple communication channels. Choose a method(s) that works for you and your interviewee: a face-to-face meeting, phone, email, and/or VOIP meeting (e.g. Skype). If you will be using technology tools for the interview, be sure to check that the tool(s) are functioning properly in advance.

  • Develop interview items and select questions to understand the tasks the IT professional performs.
  • Even though it is not a job interview, what you need to consider for a job interview applies to this interview. Dress professionally and arrive at the meeting place early. Show your interest during the interview. Send a thank you note after your interview.

Sample questions for the interview: The three key content areas (background, trends, and job opportunities) must be included in your interview items. You, however, are welcome to modify these questions to fit your needs and the flow of the interview.

  • Background
    • What is your job title?
    • What are your main job responsibilities?
    • What are the main competencies you need to fulfill your job requirements successfully?
  • Trends & New Directions
    • What are the most prominent instructional technology phenomena/trends in your workplace/sector (K-12, higher education, business, medicine, military…)?
    • What is your view of new direction in the field?
  • Link to your job/internship/fieldwork opportunities search
    • If you hire a new instructional designer/ technology support staff/ etc., what qualities are important to you? Are there any specific competencies that you are looking for?
    • Are there any internship opportunities or field work experience available in your workplace?

Interview Report Assignment Template
After conducting your interview with an IT professional, write a report approximately 5 pages in length. Include the following information:
Name of the Interviewee:
Place/Method of communication:
Duration of the Interview:
Interview Questions:

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